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Dynamic Teaching For Deeper Reading Reflection 1

For the next few weeks I will be participating in #cyberPD.  This online community will be reading and reflecting on Vicki Vinton's book Dynamic Teaching for Deeper Reading.  This first post will focus on the introduction and chapters 1-4.  If you'd like to learn more about #cyber PD you can go to Cathy Mere's blog or Michelle Nero's blog.  Thanks to both of them for hosting.

Vinton did a great job setting up the argument that we need to adapt our teaching to prepare students for a world that we don't yet know.  Teachers are no longer the holders of knowledge; we have to create thinkers who can parse fact from fake and think deeply about a variety of texts.  I loved that she referred to Terry Thompson and his scaffolding work.  I heard him give a presentation on this and he talked a lot about the amount of work that teachers do vs the work students are doing.

Chapter 1 The Necessity of a Problem-Based Approach to Teaching Reading

This is where we start…