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Summer Possibilities

In May summer vacation seems like endless possibilities for learning, lunching, and lounging.   I go into every summer with grand plans of how I'm going to organize everything in my house, get my health back on track, read every professional book I've every heard of, read the ever growing pile of books I keep around for myself, listen to podcasts and audio books, plan for next year and relax.  I've never gotten to all of the things, or really a tiny sliver of the things.

This summer was going to be different.  I am going back into the classroom full time and I was creating a strategic plan of how I wanted to improve and better myself this summer.  The possibilities of having a full day classroom again are so exciting, except I have to teach Math.  I haven't taught Math in three years....obviously this is an area of focus this summer.

Well...we are three weeks into the summer and here's what I'm working on.

My health-I've walked an average of 11,000 steps p…