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Slice of Life 2015

Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for hosting this month long writing challenge. 

Some students come into our lives and change us in ways we don't expect. I had one of these students last year. He was a challenge, he was kind, he was frustrated, he was loving....he was unforgettable. This student has moved on to second grade and to a new unit within our building. He is thriving in his new classroom with all of the sensory stimulation and accommodations he needs. 

Tuesday morning was picture day. He wore a very handsome button up and had his hair gelled. You could tell he felt good. I was walking down the hall and saw him greet one of his new friends with the biggest smile and most excited hi I've ever seen. The other student smiled and said "wow, look at you!" This interaction would have been very different a year ago and might not have happened. Yesterday, it did and the complete joy on both of their faces has carried me through the day. 

I walked away with tears in my eyes knowing that I had witnessed a raw kindness that is rarely noticed.  


  1. isn't it beautiful when we are kind to one another? thank you for sharing this lovely slice.

  2. I love this small moment! As teachers, we have a lot of these little moments that carry us through the day. Thanks for sharing. :)
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  3. Oh my! That simple kindness was such a blessing - "wow, look at you." Words for the ages...


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