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Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the month long Slice of Life writing challenge.  I'll be writing here this month about kindness and other things.

A over the past few weeks I've been to a few PDs that talked a lot about language and questioning in our classrooms.  During one of these conferences I was fortunate to attend with some of my colleagues who I know better personally than professionally.  We all teach on the same floor but being in different grade levels and different schedules we don't get to collaborate often.  After this  PD we were energized and ready to do what's best for kids.  We were ready to make changes and improve our teaching.

We decided that we would read Choice Words by Peter Johnston and then discuss the book a few chapters at a time.  Today was the first of those meetings and it was awesome!  We invited every teacher in the building and 7 of us showed up.  The conversation that happened was thoughtful and safe.  We admitted the things we need to work on and changes we can make tomorrow.  We gave each other ideas and listen to worries.  It was the kind of conversation we've been craving and one that every teacher should be able to have.  It was a privilege and a pleasure to sit with my colleagues today and have a professional discussion about what we can control in our classrooms and how to constantly improve at it.  I can't wait until our next chat!


  1. Nicole,
    That sounds amazing! The great thing about conversations in our building is that we are all there to support one another.

    (and look at you still going strong...woot woot)

  2. What a great book that is for creating conversations! I love Choice Words, and every since Tammy and Clare shared that they reread each summer before the beginning of their school work, I have done the same. It is a great way to get a mindset about how to talk to children, colleagues, parents, and other adults in our lives.
    I'm so very glad a group of you started this optional PD with such great results.


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