It's Taco Friday!

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Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the month long Slice of Life writing challenge.  I'll be writing here this month about kindness and other things.

By the time Friday evening comes around I'm exhausted.  I've given everything I have to my students and I'm in need of a break.  My husband also gets up early and works hard so he's in the same boat as me come Friday night.  When I was growing up my mom cooked every night except for Friday.  Even if we just went through a drive through we ate out on Friday.  That was everyone's (especially my mom's) reward to working hard all week.

Matt and I tend to go out on Saturday, we like to enjoy our time and not fall asleep in our dinner.  Friday's are another story we eat because we are hungry.  Matt and I have 2 major staples on Friday nights either Pizza and Wine Friday or Taco Friday.  Pizza and Wine Friday's are a rotating local takeout pizza places and usually a red wine.  We set out the TV trays, eat in front of the TV (we NEVER do this) and usually watch some sort of documentary.

Taco Fridays are a little more involved.  These Friday nights are when your gas light is on but there is enough in the tank to get a little further.  I make guacamole and tacos and Matt makes the margaritas.  We eat dinner at the dining room table before watching a documentary.

I love these traditions and look forward to them every week.  Happy Taco Friday!


  1. It reminds me to have it soon. I love tacos but haven't had one in a long time. We feel the same way. All week long, we give everything we can in what we do. Most Fridays, I would prepare fish or seafood for dinner since we don't have to worry about bringing lunch the next day. Or just go out with friends. After our vacation from Portugal, we're hooked with espresso.

  2. Sometimes the simple traditions are the best. Sounds like a perfect night! Enjoy

  3. Love, love, love the Taco Friday and Pizza Friday traditions!! Two Mexican dinners in one week - how lucky am I to be part of the other one?!!

  4. This sounds like the perfect way to spend a Friday. I love tacos --- and love the idea of Taco Fridays.



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