Fan girl to friends

Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the month long Slice of Life writing challenge.  I'll be writing here this month about kindness and other things.

I have had many fan girl moments in my life, like the time I was front and center for Janet Jackson's performance on Good Morning America (I'm pretty sure we made eye contact and she knows I exist) or the time Zach Morris came to Kmart in my hometown and I had a photo signed.

I've also had fan girl moments as a professional, probably more so than in my personal life.  A few years ago I joined Twitter.  I can't even remember why but I'm pretty sure it was because Franki Sibberson was talking about it at a conference.  I hesitantly joined and started following all kinds of teachers who had awesome blogs.  I would read the blogs and see the tweets and always be inspired to be and do better.

After a while I started hanging out with some of these people and going to conferences with them. I was constantly amazed that I was meeting and talking to my teaching heroes.  Some of these people knew my name from Twitter! Our conversations were always professional with talk about school and books.  I started meeting with a few ladies more regularly to talk about tech in the classroom.  We sometimes Skyped with people and people would come in and out.  It's always been Karen, Cathy, Deb and me.

We still be from time to time calling our group Porches and Patios because we travel from house to house sitting outside discussing everything under the sun.  We ALWAYS have food and lots of laughs.  Ever since the first time I met up with these ladies I couldn't believe I was invited.  Over the years our conversations have morphed from strictly professional to more and more personal, no devices and even more laughs.  We have gone from a personal learning network to friends.

I'm still star struck every time we meet up.  I'm surrounded by the people that embody who I aspire to be as a teacher.  Tonight we hung out again for queso and conversation.  We talked about a wide range of topics from school to shopping to TV to politics.  My heart is happy when I get to hang out with these ladies.  I have to admit I still pinch myself a little, the fan girl never goes away.


  1. The connection points afforded by social media are definitely pinch-me-I-must-be-dreaming experiences! How wonderful that your connections have evolved into friendships.

  2. I love our group - Porches and Patios in the nice weather, and Queso group in the cold weather. Whatever we call ourselves, each time we meet is like a burst of sunshine on my day! And topping it off at Graeter's this time - well that was just the icing on the cake!

  3. I love every minute when we are together. From queso to ice-cream, from teaching to life, from trial to celebration, I'm glad I have each one of you in my world. My patio is starting to look ready for our summer tour. I can't wait!



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