Chirping at 4:00am

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Everyone has woken up to the unmistakable sound of beeping or chirping of a low battery. That happened to us last night. At 4:00am I awoke to a chirping sound that I didn't recognize. We have smoke detectors, water detectors, and CO2 detectors so it could have been anything. I immediately jumped up to investigate. I hesitantly opened the basement door wondering what was happening down there. Quickly I discovered it wasn't in the basement but up stairs. 

I went back and told my husband there was a smoke alarm beeping and the battery needed to be changed. I asked what kind of battery it took and he said "I'll do it."

After changing the batteries in 2 smoke detectors he realized it was the CO2 detector with the low battery. He stumbled back to bed about 15 minutes later with the hopes of sleeping for another 2 hours. 

He was so kind to get up and take care of something that we both know I could have done. I stayed warm under the blankets while he fought with the detectors. 

Other acts of kindness I witnessed today:
-saw several cars stop to let people out of a parking lot to turn
-our curriculum director brought candy to the staff meeting
-my secretary helped me fill out the bus form for our field trip even though I've done several times already.
-the bagger at the grocery store offered to get me a new tomato since mine had a bad spot
-several people congratulated our secretary on her 31st wedding anniversary
-a teacher walking down the hall helped the kindergarten aide get a very difficult student to the office

Kindness is everywhere, you just have to look for it.


  1. Kindness is everywhere! My post dealt with kindness I felt yesterday. Speaking of odd chirping, a couple of years ago, my husband and I came home from a rather long vacation, and as I was unpacking/washing, I kept hearing a voice. I could tell what they were saying, but it was a voice! Of course, being the sissy I am, I ran out of the laundry room. My husband went to the front yard and the back and didn't see anyone. However, it continued! I finally decided that one of my students that lived in the neighborhood was the culprit. He had to have been hiding in the garage! Nope! At the point, my husband had heard the voice and was in detective mode....he finally traced the voice to a cabinet with an extra smoke detector that talked. Needless to say, that smoke detector was trash!

  2. I remember the first time it was our carbon monoxide detector. My husband sleeps through everything so it was me, myself, and I going on the chirping hunt. By the time I had found the source, and the screwdriver to remove the cover, I was wide awake. Not much more sleeping that night. Never a dull moment! Glad you had help.

  3. When I read your title I was thinking birds and signs of springs...but this was not a good kind of chirping. Kindness does exist all around, doesn't it?


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