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PB 10 for 10

I've been thinking about my PB list for the past few days and decided to do 10 books that are new to my classroom this year.  I love adding new books to my library so here are some of my recent favorites.

The Book Basket That is No More...

When I started teaching 7 years ago, leveled books were all the rage.  Everyone had baskets of books they had painstakingly leveled all over their classroom.  These were the books the children had access to and could read independently.  The read alouds were kept on a separate shelf where they were safe from the wear and tear of kids.  They were treated like dress clothes that you only wear to special occasions.

I found out I would be teaching kindergarten 3 days before the start of school.  Luckily, my mom was up visiting and I had amazing friends available to help me set up a classroom that had been used as a storage closet (junk room) for the last several years. I had a very small library that consisted of generous donations from teachers from all over.

As I was making book boxes, I really wanted them to be separated according to category and not level.  It felt weird to keep a kid from reading a book about alligators only because it wasn't on their "level".  I had s…

New Beginnings

One of the many great things about being a teacher is that you get to close down and start over every year.  There is time to reflect and ponder the happenings of last year and the possibilities yet to come.  I needed this shut down time this summer more than I've ever needed it before.  I had a tough year last year with many changes and challenges in my teaching.

I started a new position last year as a half time Reading Recovery teacher and half time classroom teacher.  This is my dream job.  Not only do I get to stay in the classroom to teach reading and writing but I get to work with kids one on one.  The training for this was intense but the most powerful and useful training I've ever participated in.  I love my time with the kids!
I had some school challenges this past year that got the best of me.  I don't know why or how but I let my attitude change and I was defeated.  I had a bad attitude and let that guide my thinking.  I would still see sparks of the teacher I&…