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Kid Requests

The library in my classroom is extensive but I'm constantly trying to update and change based on student requests and needs.  My students come to believe that if they want a book I can just buy it and add it to the library.  I don't honor every request but I always consider them and put them on a wish list.  Last week my brand new first graders were exploring the library and a group of boys were admiring our Sports basket.  I'll admit this basket is a little thin, I struggle with finding age appropriate stories.  One of my little guys came up to me a little flustered and said "Where are the bowling books?"  Not "Do you have bowling books?"  "I can't find any bowling books.".  This was an urgent request.  

I thought about it for a short time and decided to try to find a bowling book for my new friend.    The book came last week and he was thrilled that the little boy and his dad went bowling just like he and his dad do.  I think this is a bo…