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Hooray for Hat! By Brian Won

Image's dusty in here.  It's been almost a year since my last post.  A lot of things happen in a year...but that's not why we're here.  Mandy more than gently nudged me this morning to write a post about a book I bought.  Let's just say she brought out her mom voice.  So here I am, I came straight home to write an "8 second" blog about this book.  Thanks for the shove Mandy!

Now on to business..


I picked up this book this morning at Cover to Cover.  We had a blogger breakfast and then the traditional shopping trip.  I didn't buy all of the books I wanted but I did get this little gem.

First graders get grumpy and when they do they often don't know how to deal with it.  They also don't know what to do when their friends get grumpy.  The story starts with Elephant who hears the doorbell ring and he's very grumpy about it.  There was a present outside Elephant's door which immediately turned his day around…