New Beginnings

It's been a while since I visited my blog. I started this blog as a place to share great books that I found but I sort of got bored with posting about only books so I veered off of that a little bit. I felt guilty when I posted about something other than books. After all, my title was "Nicole's Book Nook". I wanted to write about other things sometimes school, sometimes not. I was reading Ann Marie's blog today and she said

"I think what has kept me from blogging regularly is that I think anything I write and post has to be really good and teach something really big or have a really big meaning. What I've realized is that I need to take more time to stop and celebrate the little, daily accomplishments in my teaching, learning, and life and not worry so much about how important or thought provoking or brainy my blogs are.". -from June 4, 2013

Writing is intimidating. I can't really think of much that gives me more anxiety than writing for other's to see. Reading Ann Marie's quote today made me think that if I write for me and stop worrying about everyone else then maybe, just maybe it'll get more comfortable.

I always let my students choose their writing topics. I give them the freedom to write from their heart and not what uninspiring topic I came up with that day. Although I know how important this is for my students I wasn't doing it for myself.

I've changed the title of my blog to A Teacher's Life-Random Thoughts and Reflections. It frees me up to write what is in my heart. I'm not making any promises about what is going to end up on this blog or how often I'll post. Maybe I'll write about books, maybe thinking about my teaching, or maybe a vent about my noisy neighbors...the possibilities are endless. This is my space to write, what I want and that freedom makes me feel a little lighter today.

Happy Writing!


  1. Thank you! I have been thinking about starting a public blog for more than a year, but I had the same worries. Why would anyone want to read my random ramblings. I am a teacher, not one in a leadership position, not one with any specific knowledge. Your post gives me the push I may need to get started.

  2. Erika,

    I'm so glad that this gave you the push to start your own blog. Like you, I am a teacher, I don't have any leadership roles or any special training. I just love what I do. I feel like we need a place to bounce ideas off each other and get feedback on our thinking. Please let me know when you start your blog. I'd love to read it.


  3. Nicole,

    I fell into that same trap -- I had one idea for my blog and then over the course of a few months it changed and it's still changing. I really started a blog for the "Slice of Life" challenge and was going to write only about school "stuff." I couldn't do it. I had more to say about other moments and stories in my life - so, like you and Ann Marie, I let it go. Sure, I should probably update my blog and all the "extras" but it is for me and if a friendly soul wants to leave me a comment, they are free to! :) Write for you - it's your learning, your moments, your ideas, your ramblings . . . personally, I'd love to hear about those noisy neighbors. I have some too. (My other neighbor called the police today because the music was a little too loud!) We are never alone in this big, big world!

    Best of luck and I look forward to your random thoughts and reflections!

  4. Thanks Michelle! I might have to write about the noisy neighbors soon...probably on a day when I'm particularly irritated.

    It is very freeing to open up my blog to whatever I want to write about. It's makes writing a lot more fun too!



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