A story too big?

Is a story ever too big to write?  Are some stories better left in oral form so we can accurately show different emotions as it goes on? So we can be there to answer questions and get reactions?  Or, is there a way to write these stories so that any reader feels like they are there with you experiencing the same things? I've read books that dramatically effect me emotionally but am I interpreting exactly what the author wanted? I can never be sure.

I have a story.  A story that I love so much words don't do it justice.  It's the story of my best friend and I and how our roads twisted and turned together for many, many years before we decided to spend the rest of our lives together.  He is my absolute favorite person.  We have picked each other up and put the other back together more times than I'd like to mention.  He's my rock.  I can't imagine a better person for me.

The thing is, I LOVE telling our story.  I will tell anyone who is willing to listen.  He jokes that I'm going to run out of people to tell so I'm going to have to invite strangers to listen.  When I try to write it, it seems so dull. Maybe this story is better left off the page.

Do you have a story that is too big or too personal to put into words?


  1. I love your story and could listen to it time and time again. I think you and storytellers who do their work orally might be on to something -- there are some stories that just work better when you share them in person.

  2. Thanks Karen! The more I think about it, the more I know this one will never be properly written.

  3. I think many stories are too personal for words--and I think often our big stories are too complex for us to fully dissect them and arrange them into a linear story. It is interesting, though, that you can tell your story and be happy with it, but are not happy with it on paper. I suspect that you're just more comfortable with oral language than your own written language. I would suggest saying the story out loud, line by line, then type it that way, not worrying about conventions. You can always go back and edit, though I wonder if you would lose the magic then. It would be an interesting experiment! Good luck!


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