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A story too big?

Is a story ever too big to write?  Are some stories better left in oral form so we can accurately show different emotions as it goes on? So we can be there to answer questions and get reactions?  Or, is there a way to write these stories so that any reader feels like they are there with you experiencing the same things? I've read books that dramatically effect me emotionally but am I interpreting exactly what the author wanted? I can never be sure.

I have a story.  A story that I love so much words don't do it justice.  It's the story of my best friend and I and how our roads twisted and turned together for many, many years before we decided to spend the rest of our lives together.  He is my absolute favorite person.  We have picked each other up and put the other back together more times than I'd like to mention.  He's my rock.  I can't imagine a better person for me.

The thing is, I LOVE telling our story.  I will tell anyone who is willing to listen.  He jok…

New Beginnings

It's been a while since I visited my blog. I started this blog as a place to share great books that I found but I sort of got bored with posting about only books so I veered off of that a little bit. I felt guilty when I posted about something other than books. After all, my title was "Nicole's Book Nook". I wanted to write about other things sometimes school, sometimes not. I was reading Ann Marie's blog today and she said

"I think what has kept me from blogging regularly is that I think anything I write and post has to be really good and teach something really big or have a really big meaning. What I've realized is that I need to take more time to stop and celebrate the little, daily accomplishments in my teaching, learning, and life and not worry so much about how important or thought provoking or brainy my blogs are.". -from June 4, 2013

Writing is intimidating. I can't really think of much that gives me more anxiety than writing for …