Writing is hard-Slice 3/31

Oh #Slice2013, you are already kicking my butt and we are only three days in.  Writing has never come easy for me.  I tend to write exactly the way I talk which makes my style extremely causal.  I can never get my thoughts to come across in a way that my reader understands exactly what I'm thinking.  I took on this challenge because it is exactly that...a challenge.  Writing publicly everyday pushes me, my writing and my thinking to the point of exhaustion.

This gets me thinking about my students and their writing.  How many of them sit staring blankly in front of the page thinking "What in the world am I going to talk about today?" or "I don't know how to write exactly what I'm thinking.".  This challenge helps me reflect on what it is to be a writer and strengthens me as a teacher of writing.  I want my students to know that I struggle with writing too and that it's okay to talk about your struggles and successes.

So here goes...day 3 of Slice and I'm already struggling...

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  1. Me too! But that's okay. You have a natural voice that makes your writing interesting to read.

  2. Exactly why the challenge is good for us all! To live the life a writer - so we can help them during those rough spots. And sometimes the best advice? Just write. And write some more. Casual writing is just perfect - it's your voice. Let it be heard.

    You can do it! Look for the little moments . . . they are all around you. Looking forward to day 4!

  3. You are reading my mind. This is the same reason I joined the challenge 3 years ago. Writing is not something I do for enjoyment. I decided to take this journey to relate to my students and to push myself as a teacher of writing. It will get easier as you go...just look for those little moments.

  4. I enjoy your "casual" writing - it's how I write too. It's from the heart and it speaks of who we are. Keep writing and sharing those little moments and you will grow as a writer, teacher and mentor. Thanks for sharing,

  5. So honest and so true! Last year when I did this for the first time, I started just like you -- what you hear when you talk to me is how I wrote. Then, as I started to read other posts, they served as mentor texts to push my writing a bit. But I'll be honest - my favorite writing style is still "casual"!!


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