Slice 1/31 True Friend

Max is my dog. He's cute and funny and high maintenance. He's also one of my best friends....he knows more than anyone else. Today he had to go to the vet and I knew there was something wrong. I still know there is something wrong but won't find out until tomorrow morning.

I had discussed my apprehension of this vet visit with my dear human friend. She rearranged her schedule, threw in a crockpot meal for her family and stayed on call in case I got bad news today.

I didn't get bad news today but her willingness to leave at the drop of a hat is a true testament of her friendship. She's an amazing person and I'm lucky to have her in my life.

That's a slice of my life today.

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  1. YEA!, Nicole is back. I can't wait to see and read more slices and post from you. You will want to update your profile since you are in first grade now. :) I hope you get good news about Max, our animal friends are just as important.

  2. Hope you get only good news from the vet! So glad you have a two-legged friend on call!

  3. I am so glad that you have someone to lean on and support you. Our 4 legged friends are just as important as our 2 legged ones. Prayers for good news tomorrow.

  4. It's always hard having to wait for results. Continue to pour your unconditional love over Max. Good thoughts going your way!

  5. Friends are wonderful - human and animal - and we can be so thankful for both. Glad the news about Max wasn't bad. Hope he's feeling better. We have a Max also and I'm sure you'll be hearing from him later this month.

  6. I'm so glad everything is going to be alright for Max. I'm even happier that you have that amazing friend - the one that drops everything (or organizes quickly so it doesn't all get dropped) to be there for you. Those friends are gifts for a lifetime!

  7. It's amazing the connections we form to our best friends, animal and human... :) Hope all is well with Max.


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