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Snow day
Sleeping in
Great conversation
Amazing news
Happy tears
More smiles

Today was awesome!

Writing is hard-Slice 3/31

Oh #Slice2013, you are already kicking my butt and we are only three days in.  Writing has never come easy for me.  I tend to write exactly the way I talk which makes my style extremely causal.  I can never get my thoughts to come across in a way that my reader understands exactly what I'm thinking.  I took on this challenge because it is exactly that...a challenge.  Writing publicly everyday pushes me, my writing and my thinking to the point of exhaustion.

This gets me thinking about my students and their writing.  How many of them sit staring blankly in front of the page thinking "What in the world am I going to talk about today?" or "I don't know how to write exactly what I'm thinking.".  This challenge helps me reflect on what it is to be a writer and strengthens me as a teacher of writing.  I want my students to know that I struggle with writing too and that it's okay to talk about your struggles and successes.

So here 3 of Slice a…

Life-Slice 2/31

Life can take many twists and turns It can be messy and overwhelming Life can be unexpected and challenging
But it can also be good…
Life can be sweet and charming It can be full of surprises and wonder Life can take you on adventures and fill you with love
How do you choose to look at life?

Slice 1/31 True Friend

Max is my dog. He's cute and funny and high maintenance. He's also one of my best friends....he knows more than anyone else. Today he had to go to the vet and I knew there was something wrong. I still know there is something wrong but won't find out until tomorrow morning.

I had discussed my apprehension of this vet visit with my dear human friend. She rearranged her schedule, threw in a crockpot meal for her family and stayed on call in case I got bad news today.

I didn't get bad news today but her willingness to leave at the drop of a hat is a true testament of her friendship. She's an amazing person and I'm lucky to have her in my life.

That's a slice of my life today.