Untold Stories

During this Slice of Life challenge I've started several different stories that have never been published. I started one about a student and her incredible growth this year but I was nervous about posting even with names changed. I started another post about my dad. I just can't get it right. I firmly believe my dad is the greatest man on earth and I can't quite capture him in words. I started a post about yards in my neighborhood and the almost unspoken competition between them. We are in last place in the competition and had to call in professionals. I also started a post about traveling I love traveling but hate packing.

These are my untold stories from the slice challenge. Do you have any stories that didn't make it in?


  1. Yes, I have stories that didn't even get started, except in my head. The Christmas nut bowl, my dad's lunch box, my mom's fabric, my favorite book stores. I think this is why we have Slice of Life Tuesdays. A weekly opportunity to continue sharing. Hope to see you there with some of your unfinished stories!


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