Two Kindergarten Stories

Yesterday I introduced the Quarter to my class. We were looking at it closely, comparing it to the other coins we know and talking About the face on the front and the symbol on the back. We were noticing that the quarter has a man on the front just like the other coins and one boy chimed in
Student-" I know who this is on the front of the Quarter."
Me- Great, can you tell everyone who you think it is.
Student- Its the principal
Me (confused)- Our principal, Mr. S_______?
Student- Yes, looks just like him.

Our principal is a tall, slender man, with short dark hair, in his 40's...

I love discovering with kindergartners.

Today was an extremely nice day in Ohio. The temperature was in the mid 70's and the sun was shining bright. During recess my students discovered a lone worm in the mulch. They banded together and decided to save "him". Well you can't have just one worm, he needs friends to we stayed outside digging with sticks until the first worm had a family, albeit chosen for him. It was really wonderful to see the some kids mothering this worm (and his new friends) while the others were gathering supplies to build a home. There was also a discovery of a dried up worm on the blacktop. He had a proper funeral and was buried under a pile of grass.

Everyday is a new day in kindergarten...


  1. I smile as I read this because my kids are kindergarteners (and I teach first grade)! From the mouths of babes. I always say I should have kept a book of quotes by my students, as I would have enough to fill an entire book, I'm sure! That's why I love my blog-to keep track of those quotes from my own kiddos. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, I can't wait to hear your principal's response to being compared to George! And finding a friend for the worm . . . kids are just adorable!

    1. He was out of the building yesterday and today so I haven't gotten to tell him yet. :-)

  3. Kindergarten. You have to love it. I'm sure your principal was thrilled to hear he had been placed on the quarter. It's really the highest form of flattery.


  4. This is my first year working with kinder and first grade and I am loving it. They are all about wonder, something that was hard to find when I worked with middle school students.

  5. Kindergarteners are so fun. I love your phrase "discovering with them". I just wrote a post about kinder kids yesterday. They definitely keep life interesting.


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