I would say that spring is my favorite season but I'm usually happy for whatever changes each season brings. I like spring because it's a time of renewal. The flowers come up, the trees bloom and I feel energized by the sun and warm weather. Tomorrow is the first day of spring, yet it was 80° here today. I would think that the spring would be taken for granted with such a mild winter but I was wrong. Today Chris and I spent much of the day outside planning projects for the next couple of months. Some will happen and others will be put on hold. We talked about what we would like to include in the garden this year (last year was our first garden and it looked like a jungle), we want to build a small wall around the flower bed and have some top soil delivered, but more urgently we looked around at our yard which is full of weeds. It would be a beautiful meadow but not a beautiful yard. This will be our 3rd spring/summer here and it's time to call in the professionals people. We've given our best try to make it look like a yard and the weeds just laugh at us. The professionals will start their work this week and hopefully that is one project that we can check off the list. We are also planning on new siding which may be on hold since the roof leaked during the rain storm last night. Who knows what will happen but it's spring, the colors are bright, the sun is out and there's much to smile about.


  1. It's so much fun to plan new projects. May the weeds meet their doom this year and stop laughing at you!!


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