Reflecting on Slice

Today is day 31 of the Slice of Life writing challenge. Today is the last day those of us in the challenge are asked to post. I took on this challenge with lots of trepidation, I'm not a writer. I've never written for 31 days straight in my life. I have boxes of journals that were begun with good intentions but never got past a few days. Taking on this challenge has taught be a lot about myself as a writer.

*Ive learned that my best writing comes from ideas that I let simmer in my mind for a while.
*I've learned that writing about something every day is really hard.
*I've learned that I need to hear feedback on my writing...the sooner the better.
*Some topics are better left unpublished.
*Finding my voice in words is harder than I thought it would be.
*Reading other Slices taught be more about writing and hopefully made me a better writer.
*I don't foresee myself being a fiction writer at all. I'm at my best when I write about what I know and am passionate about.
*Most of my writing was mediocre at best but every once in a while I let the idea simmer just long enough I had something I was proud of.
*Asking my students to write everyday is a bigger expectation than I thought. I'm asking a lot of them, yet everyday they are so excited to write. I was not excited to write everyday.
*Writing was a big risk. Putting my words out there for others to read, I felt exposed.

This writing challenge has brought lots of time to reflect and review my thoughts, feelings and words. I'm thankful for the time I've gotten to do this and hope that I can keep up a pattern of writing. Thank you Ruth and Stacy for creating this amazing challenge, I've learned so much about myself and so many other people.


  1. I learned some of the same things. I think we gained some valuable insights to guide us as we work with students.

  2. I was not too excited about writing every day, but I think we learned so much about ourselves! Thanks for sharing yourself with all of us!

  3. Nicole - wonderful reflection. I can relate to so many of your points above (actually after just rereading - I can relate to all of them). Thank you for being here. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself. Thank you for encouraging me along the way. WE DID IT!

  4. I agree with Dana. I can relate the points you made about this challenge! Now we can all celebrate that we made it through the challenge together! :)

  5. What great insights, Nicole. It was hard some days to write, and then other days it just flowed. Like you, I have had many great intentions throughout the year with my writing, but this is the first time I've actually done exactly what I set out to do. Thanks so much for being part of my writing community!

  6. I completely agree about the idea that some writing is best left unpublished--I ran into that a bit myself this month. I also like your comment about having a few slices you are really proud of. This is a feeling I needed to be reminded of. I think my students sometimes think I expect every single piece of writing to be their best, and it is good to be reminded that writing just doesn't work that way. Some pieces come together better than others.

    Your insights made me think!

  7. Nicole, thank you for sharing your slices. I find that your list hit most of my thoughts too, especially about writing fiction - it's much easier to write in the present. I hope you will continue to write on Tuesdays - somehow I think that will be easier????

  8. Yes, Nicole, I'm still making my way around the blogosphere. I'm not sure how I missed your reflection. Slice of Life was a fun challenge, but much harder than I expected. I didn't find coming up with ideas to be as challenging as I thought it would be, instead it was getting those ideas to a place I found good enough to post. Like you, I think putting our words out there into the world is challenging.

    I enjoyed your posts. I felt like I was sitting right beside you talking to you. Like you, I also realized what an incredible challenge it is for my young writers to write every day. They are amazing.


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