Possibilities and Realities

I love first thing in the morning when the classroom is quiet and the possibilities are awaiting. Who will be here today? What questions will they have? What stories will they tell? Every day is different and the possibilities are endless. The only thing I can hope is that they learn something new and are happy to be here. Today will be better than yesterday.

THe previous paragraph was written about ten minutes before the bell rang. I had just checked my email and I was thinking about our day.

Today brought many adventures. After a student shared a book with Blue Whales we went outside to see exactly how long a blue whale was. The chalk went all of the way across the black top and halfway down the sidewalk...80 ft. You can't explain that without looking at it.

Today was the last day of our study of non fiction writing. We shared our expertise with the second graders. My students were amazed they knew things that the "big kids" didn't. They've worked so hard becoming experts at many things like penguins, Legos, hair salons, puppies, sharks, and different kinds of friends.

A baby book was brought in and we learned that a student looks just like her mother as a baby.

We mapped the trip from our town to Hilton Head Island. A student is going there for spring break and wanted everyone to see. This also lead to a discussion about ferry boats. They were amazed that you could put a car on a boat.

PTO dropped off hula hoops and skip-its for recess. The kids got a good laugh as I attempted to show them how these things work. Lesson: leave it to the kids. :-)

Today was also the official announcement that our principal has accepted a position in the admin office. We've known for a week or so (actually that was one of the parts of Snake Day). I'm unsure how I feel about this change. He's had my back but I know this is what he wanted and will be great for his family. I'm nervous about the new principal he/she has not been hired yet so I guess I fear the unknown.

I'm now on Spring Break. It's a welcome time to rejuvenate and restart.


  1. Enjoy your break!!

    I'm so happy for your kids that you knew you had to draw how big a blue whale was outside on the playground. They so need the concrete visual. Smart teacher!

  2. Well, I want to be in your class! I love seeing all of the authentic learning your kids are doing. I agree, they need to have concrete examples...how could you ever imagine how big 80 feet is? Have a wonderful break Nicole!

  3. Nicole,
    What a busy day. Sometimes it is hard to imagine that all of that happens in one day until we sit down to write it all down. Love all the new recess toys. We just added some new items to our outdoor recess tubs and new games were painted onto the playground. It makes outdoor recess much better!



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