My buddy, Max

A couple of years ago when my boyfriend and I decided to live together we often talked about getting a dog. He works ALL THE TIME and I was really tired of being alone. We both thought a dog would be prefect.

In our six years together he's only forbidden me to do one thing and that's go to the animal shelter. Not because we have anything against animal shelters but he knew I would come home with as many animals as I could load in the car. So instead, I stared looking at All of the animals are rescues but there's something different about seeing them online than in person.

I was constantly on the site looking at dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, mature dogs, puppies, everything you can imagine. Then one day he popped in the screen...Max. He was this little skinny looking thing with a terrible haircut but he was cute. I read that he was three years old and had a rough time before he was rescued. I had to meet him. Chris thought he was cute but was I sure this was the dog?

I emailed the rescue and asked if we could meet him, they said yes but there were several people looking at him so they couldn't make any promises.

He was about 45 minutes away and as we drove we talked about how things would change with a dog. When we got there he was running and playing with other dogs but really had no interest in us. He smelled us and licked us but he was having too much fun with his buddies. Even though he didn't pay attention to us there was something about him that we both loved. I immediately filled out the paperwork and contacted the place...over and over. A few days later they called and said that we were the ones who got to take him home.

Little did we know how that phone call would change us. Max had a rough life before he came here. He'd never had a haircut so he was found matted and dirty. We don't think he was fed much so he was under weight. He was scared of men...even Chris. He wasn't house broken and he had a severe ear infection.

Max and I became buddies pretty quick. He is with me all the time, and gets mad when Chris is home taking up his couch space. He does like Chis but only when I'm not around.

Max is a quirky little dog but I wouldn't have it any other way. He eats carrots like its his job and walks in at least 1 clockwise circle before doing anything. I mean anything, taking a drink, jumping on the couch, going outside, eating a treat...anything.

He's also one of my best friends. Although he's not a cuddly dog he knows when I'm sad and sits close by. If he could talk I'd be in trouble. :-) It's so nice to know he's here even though he gets grumpy if I wake him.

Here's to Max, my Fuzzface


  1. I just have to say that the fact that there is a book in the lower left corner of that picture does not escape me! :) Max is adorable--I love those floppy ears. He is lucky you found him! I have two Fuzzyfaces myself and I can identify with your comment about the call changing your lives, for sure!

  2. I am a sucker for dog stories...and I loved reading how you found your Max. Dogs are one of the best things in life!

  3. We now have two rescued dogs and they have both brought and bring great joy to us. I think it's a risk but as you found out life is better because of the risk you took. Have you ever read, It's a Dog's Life by Ann M. Martin? If not, it completely changed my mind about rescues. You would like it.

  4. Oh my goodness, that is the sweetest story ever. I know how attached I am to my dog so I was quick to relate to your story. I swear that our pets have a deep connection to us immediately. Max sounds like he found the perfect home and snuggle partner.

  5. Max is the cutest dog! I'm so glad you found each other and you have a great buddy! I wish I could talk my hubby into getting another dog. I miss our old lab. :)


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