This afternoon I attended the funeral of a friend's grandmother. I had never met Grandma Bernie but I did know a lot about her through my friend. She was the matriarch of the family. She was loving and giving but also ornery. She and her husband opened their home to a girl, for reasons I do not know, but I do know the impact they had. She volunteered, was active in her church and belonged to many organizations. She always had treats for the kids and an open ear for them to talk to. She loved to travel often convincing her reluctant husband to go. She played cards and shuffle board and was apparently very competitive. She held the family gatherings right up to this past holiday season. That's where the family came together laughed, cried and connected. She was well loved by many people that was evident today.

I had a long drive home and I got to thinking about legacy. Obviously, Grandma Bernie left many memories and a wonderful legacy for people to remember. Are we living a life that we can be proud of when it's all over? Are the choices we are making helping or hurting? Are we making a difference in others lives or just "getting through" each day? Are we standing up for what's right and picking battles that matter in the long run? Can we go to sleep tonight proud of the person we were today but thinking of how to do it better tomorrow? Would the Grandma Bernies of the world be proud of us?

Something to think about...


  1. Such a thought-provoking post. I love your ending, especially.

  2. Nicole,
    What a wonderful post! I was thinking along the same lines today. It's so easy to get caught up in what has to get done and getting through the day. I'm working hard to slow down and savor the small things in life.

  3. Thanks, Nicole, for sharing this slice. Your questions are definitely thought provoking and something we all need to think about and remember. Even though my life has slowed down considerably over the last ten years, at times I still find myself in the rat race and consumed with "too much stuff to do". It's time to take a step back and contemplate.

  4. Nicole~
    This is a beautiful post and tribute to Grandma Bernie. As I read I found myself asking the same questions of myself. Am I living a life I can be proud of when it's all over? Am I helping or hurting those around me?


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