I'm in a funk...not a funky chicken kind of a funk but a no motivation, is this really helping, where do I start kind of funk. I'm not really sure when my funk started or why. These things happen from time to time, usually about this time of year.

I walked into my classroom yesterday and thought "This place is a mess", I'm not sure how my classroom got so disheveled but it did. There were books all over the floor, papers exploding off my easel and piles...piles of I don't know what, everywhere. Writing folders are spilling with work, puzzles are on the counter and the puzzle shelf is empty.

This time of year also gets me thinking that I have ----------------------------this much still to teach with ------this much time left. Have I done enough? What can I still do? Have I done enough?

It's also "testing season", I don't have students who are taking a test but I can still feel it. I can feel the pressure mounting in the other hallway, people are starting to get short with each other, and thoughts of why work so hard if it's all going to be ruined by a test anyway creep into my mind. It's discouraging but I know what's right and will continue the good fight.

Hopefully I will start to break out of my funk when I go into school this weekend and put my room back together. Do you get into these funks too? How do you get out of them?


  1. Classroom disheveled, papers exploding off the easel, I love the images these words bring to mind. Have you read The Little Red Pen? You need to have all the pieces come to life and put themselves back in order.
    I know the pressure to do more and more, but take a breath and do what you need to do better and deeper. It will be fine.

  2. Yes, yes, and yes. Sometimes the best thing I can do is step away from work for a while and from all things work related, go enjoy my life, refresh, and come in with new eyes. Sometimes, I think about it all so much (too much) and prepare, plan, and work so hard that I drain myself. And if I come in relaxed, almost unprepared, I can sometimes have the best day of all. Good luck getting out of your funk. This too shall pass....

  3. Nicole,
    Oh I so know what you mean. As a matter of fact, I spent today finally getting a huge pile of books put away. I then looked over at our recess shelves and realized they needed some work too. Oh, and there is a small corner I keep hidden that needs some work as well. I had the kids clean their boxes which did help things a bit.

    Oh, the funk. I'm pretty sure if we could just get rid of that "k" we could have some fun again.

    Smiles to you,

  4. I know about the funk too. One quick fix? Go get yourself a drink and relax! Or, wait until spring break and take a trip without your school bag! Best of luck getting out of the funk. It's no "funk".

  5. I could have written your words exactly. I have been feeling this all week. Everything seems to be a mess and in piles and I am starting to feel that "oh no! The year is almost done and I've got too much I want us to do!" I think it is the time of year. We have spring break in a week and I hope to get rejuvenated and ready to finish the year strong. Hoping these same things for you, too. We can do it!

  6. Here's to hoping Spring Break will wash the funk away!

  7. Yeah, I get that way, too. I don't have any warm words of advice. Sometimes, I just catch my breath, make a few changes (shift some papers around) and the funk moves to the background.
    PS -- but maybe a Funky Chicken Anti-Funk Dance might be in order!

  8. This is definitely one of the "funk"y times of the year! It sounds like a lot of us are sharing in your funk in our own ways. I've got piles and plans and little motivation right now! Let's hope Spring Break helps us all drop that k (I love that, Cathy!!)


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