Every child who comes into my classroom leaves a mark on my heart. Some of those marks are deeper than others. Two years ago I had a girl who left a deep mark on my heart. She was smart as a whip and just as sassy. Her home life is not ideal but everyone is doing the best they can. After she left my room and went to first grade she still stopped by everyday to say hi and tell me how she was doing. She and I butted heads a lot but she respected me. She is in second grade now and has turned into an amazing young lady. She is respectful, sweet, smart, tough, beautiful and honest.  She is the best big sister.  She goes home every night and tutors her little sister to make sure she catches up with the rest of the kids.
This year I had the privilege of teaching her sister. I made sure she was in my class because I didn't think anyone else would appreciate her or love her like I would. I was right, she is like her sister in a lot of ways and definitely the baby sister. She has struggled but come a long way. Everyday she touches my heart with her smile. She is funny, inquisitive, sweet, loving, and beautiful. Her older sister shields her from a lot so she's much more innocent.
Both girls love to give hugs and say "I love you often". They are children that I'd take home in a second if I could. I love them. 
Today will be both girls last day at my school.  I knew this was a possibility but the reality came crashing down on Tuesday.  Nanna came to school to tell the 2nd grade teacher hoping to not have to tell me; I saw her in the hallway and she couldn't get away.  I knew by the look in her eyes that their time at our school was coming to an end.  Nanna cried as she told me the news, I cried too.  They are moving about an hour away and I'm heart broken.  As of Tuesday, the girls didn't know they were leaving our school.  Today will be very difficult but I will make sure when both of those girls walk out that door they know that they are loved and no matter what they can always come to me. 


  1. Ohhhh - you took my breath away. The sweetness in the beginning held so many promises and then as you said, "the reality came crashing down on Tuesday." I felt your disappointment, your fear, your sorrow.

    Please give those girls an extra squeeze. Just heart breaking. But the good news? You've impacted their lives tremendously. You've showed them the importance of a teacher. I hope you know this.

    Glad you are joining the challenge Nicole!

  2. Remember you have left a footprint on their lives that they will take with them forever- thank you for posting such a wonderful reminder about our teacher footprints everyday.

  3. Nicole, what a touching story. There are so many times when we meet people that just need that extra touch. You are a very caring person and teacher and I'm sure those girls will carry you with them where ever they go. We'll pray that they will have another teacher as special as you.

    I, too, am new to this journey with words and look forward to reading your posts. Thanks for the insight to your world.

  4. I agree with Michelle! I could absolutely feel the love and heartache you are experiencing right now. When the sadness eases up a little, I hope you will be able to see just how lucky those two little girls were to have you in their lives!

    And on another note, thanks for mentioning this challenge to me. I'm giving it a whirl! :)

  5. Hello Nicole - This is my first stab at the SOLSC too. You have gotten off to a fantastic start. Your story is powerful and heartbreaking. I will send up a prayer that those little girls will find another school full of loving teachers. If it were me I'd be making a phone call to the place where their records are forwarded. Rest easy, knowing they felt loved and that there are others who will love them too. Keep well.

  6. You've planted some seeds with these girls. They were blessed to have you in their lives. I, too, love how you began this piece with such promise and joy. I hope your heart will heal after they leave.

  7. I am so very sorry to hear that these two girls are leaving your caring orbit. It sounds like the grandmother (?) already knew this would be difficult for them. What a gift you have given them in their short time with you!

  8. They will take you with them. And, they know what to look for now.

  9. Nicole,
    Your post broke my heart. I am a teacher in an urban setting, and have been in this place lots and lots of times. And it never gets any easier. So thankful that there are teachers like you out there caring for kids!

  10. Nicole,
    It sounds like you have enjoyed having these two sisters in your classroom. It is always hard when families we love so much move away. I agree with Judy, there is something special about finding a way to give an extra touch to those who are in need. Isn't it funny that those very people often help us to see life in a new way and give us something we need as well.


  11. The best part of being a teacher is that you get to be a shaping force in young lives. You have definitely impacted this family. The worst part of being a teacher is letting students go when you know they still need you. Hopefully there will be someone at their new school who loves them like you do. You described this so well it made me feel deeply for your loss. I look forward to reading more of your work!


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