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Every child who comes into my classroom leaves a mark on my heart. Some of those marks are deeper than others. Two years ago I had a girl who left a deep mark on my heart. She was smart as a whip and just as sassy. Her home life is not ideal but everyone is doing the best they can. After she left my room and went to first grade she still stopped by everyday to say hi and tell me how she was doing. She and I butted heads a lot but she respected me. She is in second grade now and has turned into an amazing young lady. She is respectful, sweet, smart, tough, beautiful and honest.  She is the best big sister.  She goes home every night and tutors her little sister to make sure she catches up with the rest of the kids.
This year I had the privilege of teaching her sister. I made sure she was in my class because I didn't think anyone else would appreciate her or love her like I would. I was right, she is like her sister in a lot of ways and definitely the baby sister. She has …

Breaking Down the Walls~VoiceThread

Yesterday, I had the honor of presenting with Deb Frazier (@frazierde) at the Dublin Literacy Conference.  We discussed the benefits of using VoiceThread to build reading and writing communities inside and outside the classroom. We both feel that we have found a tool that provides an authentic audience for all kinds of student learning.  Below is the slideshow we showed during our presentation.