Only One Word

I don't like making New Years Resolutions I never take them seriously and never follow through with them.  There are lots of things I would like to work on or improve both in my personal and professional life but resolutions never seem the right way to go about it.

Then, this week Mandy,  Katherine and as I was writing this Laura, have decided to use One Little Word to guide them this year.  What a smart way to challenge yourself and guide your thinking.  This makes so much sense to me.

My little word is persevere.

Merriam-Webster defines persevere as  "to persist in a state, enterprise, or undertaking in spite of counter influences, opposition, or discouragement"

I want to persevere in my quest to become healthier. 

I want to persevere in my quest to do what is best for my students despite others opinions.

I want to persevere in my quest to recycle as much as I can making this planet a cleaner place.

I want to persevere in my quest to continue becoming a better teacher.

What Little Word are you going to use to guide you this year?


  1. Yea. I'm glad you've found a word to guide you this and year. Preserve sounds like one to allow growth and maintain your beliefs.

  2. What a great word for you! I love your guiding statements, too. What a powerful way to help guide us! I'm looking forward to sharing our one little word journeys in the upcoming year! :)

  3. Still pondering, feel like I need to live with a few ideas to see which one keeps coming back to mind.


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