My Name is Elizabeth

Saturday while at Cover to Cover with other Central Ohio bloggers someone picked up this book.  By the end of our time I think at least three copies were purchased. 

This is the story of Elizabeth, she loves everything about her name.  She loves the way it's spelled, how it sounds, the way it looks, absolutely everything.  What she doesn't like it being called anything other than Elizabeth.

I think this is something that many kids deal with.  I've dealt with it too.  My name is Nicole and people always assume they can call me Nikki.  That drives me crazy!  People should call you the name you introduce yourself as. 

As I was thinking about using this in my classroom.  I thought to the beginning of the year when we are exploring our names and the way they look.  I also thought Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes would be a great companion book to My Name is Elizabeth. 

For further reading on name books check out Mary Lee's post at A Year of Reading


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