I've heard a lot of talk on Twitter about the book Me...Jane by Patrick McDonnell.  The cover didn't grab me and I wasn't sure it was something my kids would like.

Fast forward a couple of months to December when people were talking about Caldecott choices and this book kept coming up.  @colbysharp said something like "the last page took by breath away". That is a powerful statement. I saw this book sitting on the shelf in our library and picked it up.

This is the story of a childhood Jane Goodall and her big dreams.  Some of the words are taken from her own autobiography and some of the drawings are from her childhood.  The words are simple but powerful.  I find something new in the illustrations every time I read the book.  I was standing in my library leaning on a shelf when I got to that last page.  I gasped.  It was amazing and perfect. 

I've since checked the book out showing everyone in our hallway (usually more than once). 

I can't wait to share it with my kiddos a couple of times this week.


  1. Nicole~
    You have peeked my interest…adding this to my CMH bookbag now!


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