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I'm not a big fan of character books.  By that, I mean books that take television, movie or toy characters and put them in books.  I think typically the quality of these books are okay at best.  This post is not about why I don't care for these books but how I found one I liked and then loved.

I found The Monster at the End of This Book by Jon Stone several years ago.  I vaguely remember hearing someone read it during my student teaching.  The kids thought this book was hilarious.  Grover is so outrageous and dramatic I instantly liked the book too.  I bought the book and read it to several different classes all with huge success, but there was always something missing.  The sound of Grover's voice would really take this book to the next level.  I listened and practiced but there was nothing I could do to sound like Grover. 

Then a couple of weeks ago I discovered the perfect enhancement to a book.  This maybe the only time I will say that a book could be improved upon, but this one needed to be made into a book app.  This book was dying to be interactive with Grover's voice. 

When thinking about book apps for my kiddos there are a couple of specific things I look for. 
1) Are the page turns obvious?
2) Is there a function for the book to be read?
3)While that book is being read is there a way to track words?

These are very basic things that my kindergartners need to get the full experience of the app and also be beneficial to them.  This book app does all of those things.  There is the sound of a page turn and the corner of the page moves when it's time to turn.  The words appear on the page as they are read for an easy way to follow along, and the best part is that Grover's voice reads the words.  There are also some interactive features that enhance the story.

After showing this to my kindergartners I asked if there was anything they would do to improve the story.  A couple of kids mentioned they would like all of the words to be on the page the whole time instead of appearing as the book was read; other than that they loved it.

This book app has been nominated for the Cybils 2011 Book App award for which I am a judge.


  1. We love this app! I love that it's interactive. It definitely brings Grover to life in a way that I never could have when reading with my own kids. Did you touch the knots to untie Grover or tickle him??? That was my favorite page and we didn't realize you could tickle him until we waited before we touched the knots one time. I think it's so cute.

    I'm not a huge fan of character books either, but I do love that kids get excited about them and it gives them another good reason to love books. Incidentally, I watched Star Wars with my son this summer and then we had to get Star Wars books from the library and I learned so much about Star Wars that either I had missed in the movies or isn't even talked about - like the names of miniscule characters that you barely even see. It was neat to read more about what was happening in the movie and for my son to be able to slow down and really look at characters and read about them. So I can see some good points when it comes to character books now! :)

  2. I had no idea you could tickle Grover before he lets got of the ropes! My kids will love that.

    I had not thought about character books in this way before. I've thought they were a good jumping off point for some readers but hadn't paid attention to how they can go more in depth with characters. Thanks for opening my eyes to that. I'll look more closely at these books now.

  3. Jen and Nicole~
    I am also guilty of casting off toy, movie and show character books. I know kids enjoy them and often write about them! I have such difficulty understanding these stories, maybe because I have even tried! I just assume the "fantasy" genre is too difficult in first grade. Maybe, I should be trying to meet them halfway. This is a tuff sell for me but you have me thinking…

  4. Nicole,
    This was my son's favorite book growing up. He made me read it over and over. Joy Cowley has a similar book written about the Meanies

    I was out shopping this weekend and found "Another Monster at the End of This Book" I couldn't resist.

    My son, now 19, must got a new iPhone. Perhaps I'll suggest this app. ;0)



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