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The Monster at the End of This Book App

I'm not a big fan of character books.  By that, I mean books that take television, movie or toy characters and put them in books.  I think typically the quality of these books are okay at best.  This post is not about why I don't care for these books but how I found one I liked and then loved.

I found The Monster at the End of This Book by Jon Stone several years ago.  I vaguely remember hearing someone read it during my student teaching.  The kids thought this book was hilarious.  Grover is so outrageous and dramatic I instantly liked the book too.  I bought the book and read it to several different classes all with huge success, but there was always something missing.  The sound of Grover's voice would really take this book to the next level.  I listened and practiced but there was nothing I could do to sound like Grover. 

Then a couple of weeks ago I discovered the perfect enhancement to a book.  This maybe the only time I will say that a book could be improved upon, bu…