New Books (to me) For Professional Reading.

This summer I did a bit of professional reading.  I had planned on a lot more but the sun, pool and fresh air became a higher priority.  There are several books that I've been wanting to read so I took the plunge today and ordered three of them.

The first book I purchased was Choice Words by Peter H. Johnston.  I've heard about this book for a couple of years but kept pushing it aside.  I've realized recently that I need to be more explicit in my responses to my students.  I'm hoping that this will help me shape my language to push the kids even farther.

Sometime this summer I started hearing and thinking about small groups for math.  I was following @kassiawedekind on Twitter and she seemed to know a lot about the topic.  I send her a message asking for her thoughts and she replied that she had a book coming out, Math Exchanges, all about it.  I have never read a math professional book.  Literacy seems to always be the focus and math often gets pushed aside.  I've been following Kassia's blog and have started doing some of the things she suggests on there.  I also love that she uses a lot of literacy comparisons when teaching math.  I'm so excited to get this book and get started.

I'm ashamed to say that not only have I not read but I do not own The Book Whisperer.  I follow Donalyn Miller on Twitter (@donalynbooks) and highly respect everything she says.  Donalyn is an advocate for great books and the freedom for everyone to choose what they read.  Not only am I excited to finally read this book I'm also excited to hear her speak this winter at the Dublin Literacy Conference .

So, these are today's purchases to add to the TBR pile.  Look for reviews as soon as I find time to read them all.  Have you read these books? What do you think?


  1. Nicole~
    I read Choice Words this summer and already cant wait to revisit. I think rereading this DURING the year when I can directly implement the language would be GREAT! I am planning to read Math Exchanges VERY soon and can't wait! Like you I have been following Donalyn Miller and look forward to hearing her at Dublin Lit but… Have not read Book Whisper. Can't wait to hear your thoughts as you read!


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