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New Books (to me) For Professional Reading.

This summer I did a bit of professional reading.  I had planned on a lot more but the sun, pool and fresh air became a higher priority.  There are several books that I've been wanting to read so I took the plunge today and ordered three of them.

The first book I purchased was Choice Words by Peter H. Johnston.  I've heard about this book for a couple of years but kept pushing it aside.  I've realized recently that I need to be more explicit in my responses to my students.  I'm hoping that this will help me shape my language to push the kids even farther.

Sometime this summer I started hearing and thinking about small groups for math.  I was following @kassiawedekind on Twitter and she seemed to know a lot about the topic.  I send her a message asking for her thoughts and she replied that she had a book coming out, Math Exchanges, all about it.  I have never read a math professional book.  Literacy seems to always be the focus and math often gets pushed aside.  I've…