A Very Full Morning

I picked up "A Very Full Morning" by Eva Montanari the other day mostly because I liked the illustrations and it was about the first day of school.  Wow, was I pleasantly surprised when I read the book all the way through. The story starts with Little Tooth going to bed early, "tomorrow morning she has to go to a very special place".  The only clue the reader get as to where Little Tooth is going is on the front cover.  The story winds along until she finally gets to school and a little surprise is revealed. 

The illustrations are what make this story amazing.  The illustrations are dramatic with the use of extremely over sized and under-sized objects and characters.  Montanari uses minimal words and lets her illustrations tell most of the story.

After learning with Matt Glover at Lakota I've read this book a couple of times trying to "read like a writer".  I think this book could be used over and over again to talk about word choice, many different ways illustrations are used, and the set up of text on a page.  I think this will be a book I read on the first day of school and then come back to later.

*I don't know that this review did the book justice, check it out for yourself.


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