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Dublin Literacy Conference

Yesterday, I got to spend the day with some brilliant teachers learning at the Dublin Literacy Conference. I was thrilled to meet several of the teachers who's blogs I follow regularly. If you want to know more about using technology during readers workshop, check out Franki Sibberson's blog at A Year of Reading.  I also got to hear Cathy Mere and Katie DiCesare talk about better using read alouds in the classroom.  You can find their presentation here.  Both of these ladies teach first grade so it was easy to see how I can use these ideas in kindergarten.  If you have not checked out their blogs you need to do so.

I always leave sessions such as these knowing I still have a lot to learn but thankful that I have to opportunity to learn from experienced teachers.  I'm also thankful that these teachers are willing to share their ideas and methods that work. 

I ended my day in a session with Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  I have long loved her books but I was unaware of all of the o…


If I could pick only one book to have in my classroom this would be it.  That's a bold statement from someone who spends hours combing over books at the library, online and in other classrooms.  A friend of mine introduced me to this book and I've loved it since the first read.

This is a story about Ramon a boy who loves to draw.  When his older brother makes fun of his drawing Ramon gets discouraged and starts throwing everything away that isn't "perfect".  Little does Ramon know his little sister is covering her bedroom walls with his discarded art.  She calls them "ish" because they are kind of like the real thing.  This changes Ramon's whole view and opens up his world to new possibilities.

This book changed the whole culture in my classroom, especially in writing.  Kindergartners have a tendency to want to spell everything just the way adults would.  This book freed my students to spell and draw things to the best of their ability "ish&quo…

There is a Bird on Your Head

As you will soon see, I love anything by Mo Willems.  I think he is a genius at drawing kids into short simple stories.  This book There is a Bird on Your Head is one of mine and my class' favorites. 

In this story, Elephant has a bird on his head and he seeks help from his friend Piggie.  Piggie gives him a simple solution that in turns causes her problems.  Piggie and Elephant are both very dramatic about the situations they are in.  These books are hilarious and leave my class laughing out loud.  Mo Willems' use of large text, and bold words also makes this (and all of the other Piggie and Elephant books)  great for teaching kids to read with expression.

A new adventure

I've decided to start a blog so that I can share some of the books that I love to use in my classroom.  My hope is that other teachers and parents will be exposed to new literature they had not yet discovered.  Please feel free to leave comments about the books I show or add new books for me to discover.  Hopefully we will all learn something new.